Measure for Clarity

What kind of beliefs and behaviors do you want to ideally promote in our organization? What does that ideal vision look like? What are the expectations and norms that currently drive your organizational culture? What does that look like?

The Spitzer Center uses outstanding diagnostics to measure culture, leadership style and teams. We correlate these finding back to the principles of happiness which drive behavior. The measurements enable teams and individuals to identify their ideal leadership and teamwork styles. These results compare are then compared with their current view of specific strengths, weaknesses and targets for growth.

The Organizational Cultural Inventory pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of your corporate culture. You can use it to diagnose the success potential of a team, department, or your entire enterprise. We also provide additional assessment tools for individual leaders and managers.

The survey will reveal the five behaviors that will most improve your culture. It will measure the leaders’ view of their ideal culture and the impact of leaders’ styles on the culture, how well your teams and departments are pulling in the same direction, etc.

Measuring for clarity sets the stage for equipping leaders and staff for positive change. It also sets a benchmark against which to gauge real progress in the future.

Sample of written comments from a management team:

  • Good look at ourselves as a company. Perspective never seen before or discussed.
  • Did an excellent job discussing a “squishy” subject like culture and positioning the assessment tool.
  • Very good seminar. I found the information on the ideal culture and on our culture to be very
  • Good examination of our results and how it compares with other organizations.
    Great – refreshing and forces us to inspect.


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