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The Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership was launched in 2005 when Fr. Robert Spitzer, Ph.D, was President of Gonzaga University. In the prior 15 years Spitzer had worked extensively with various corporations, consulting and teaching on ethics, leadership, culture and performance.

In an effort to expand the impact beyond live engagements, a group of CEOs and entrepreneurs familiar with Spitzer’s work agreed to join him in forming a new educational institute. The first set of collateral materials had already been developed and piloted by Mr. Jim Berlucchi, a colleague of Fr. Spitzer. The Center would be the repository for these and new products that could be widely delivered in a variety of methods – by certified facilitators, webinars and online learning and certification.

Since its founding the Spitzer Center has worked with scores of businesses and certified independent consultants as well as in-house facilitators in client organizations. Because the Center has also has developed curricula for religious organizations, it operates a separate faith-based platform to complement its work in the business arena. The Center’s business-based mission is to help business organizations optimize culture, creativity and change.

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