What People Say About The Spitzer Center

“Our management team found the Spitzer programs enlightening, unifying and practical. We quickly and enthusiastically adopted the model and language for our own culture to very good effect.” 

Dan Dolsen

~ Managing Director, CBRE Services Group

“Jim Berlucchi and the Spitzer Program not only helped our company to define where our culture was, but it also really helped us define where we wanted our corporate culture to go as well.” 

Eric Slater

~ General Manager, Human Resources, Zen-Noh Corp.

“Our leadership team and staff were surprised to discover the number of self limiting beliefs and attitudes that were holding us back. The Spitzer seminar gave us the skills and confidence not only to perceive our higher potential, but to achieve it. Very well presented in an interesting and effective manner.” 

Terry Donahue

~ President, Spartan Corporation

“The Spitzer Center showed us we were strong in areas where we thought we were strong, but they also helped us identify some hot button issues we needed to work on. Our employees were really encouraged to see us embark on this process and begin taking concrete steps to create a culture that makes the most of everyone’s talents.” 

Jeff Smith

~ President of the Word Among Us

“The Spitzer Center process enabled us to identify 12 specific areas in which our culture needed attention.  After focusing on behaviors that optimize happiness, the second survey validated improvement in 11 of the 12 areas.  We will continue to utilize Spitzer Center principles in our levels of our organization.” 

Bill Newland

~ Chairman, Hercules Industries, Inc.

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