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Can Happiness Be Correlated to Business Success?

A study of more than 200 businesses found that happy employees have a heightened sense of commitment and are more productive and focused on achieving a higher standard. The Spitzer Center can not only measure what type of corporate culture you currently have, we can help you create an engaging business environment anchored by common goals and a higher, more fulfilling sense of purpose.

Take Your Company on the Pursuit of Happiness
The Spitzer Center has helped thousands of individual leaders and scores of organizations to improve their performance through our multi-faceted curriculum, featuring The Four Levels of Happiness™.

Our programs help leaders build highly engaged corporate cultures and motivate individuals to reach their full potential.

Why is a highly engaged company culture important?

Your organization’s success is closely linked with your culture – the basic mission, beliefs and values that drive the behaviors of your employees. When employees are fully engaged, they demonstrate a stronger commitment to the organization, accept more challenging tasks, are receptive to change and resolve conflicts constructively.

“Spitzer’s timeless prescriptions bring clarity to the flabby and fragmented musings of the popular business press. He shows us how the intangibles of spirit, trust and vision drive the outcomes of organizational success.” – Michael W. Morrison, Dean, University of Toyota

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