Leadership Levels

Levels Within Organizations

Executive Teams

Our first step in engagement is typically with the highest ranking group in the organization. This often takes place through an introductory presentation to the Executive team as well as an initial survey on their ideal culture. Frequently individual leaders seek peer and direct report survey input on their own leadership styles, and coaching to achieve their self-described ideal profile.

Management Teams
Because managers have direct supervisory responsibilities they typically benefit from a deeper dive into principles that animate our programs. Depending on the size of the organization managers often pilot our programs to determine the value and broader application throughout the organization. As potential first line trainers, managers also frequently become certified through our train the trainer process.

A variety of tools are available for departmental or team dialogue and exercise. Departments often request debrief on the survey information that reflects their view of the organizational culture. The actual Spitzer education can be delivered through a train the trainer dynamic for respective departments.

The most effective way to optimize happiness for business success is to involve all members of the organization. They are the primary parties who advance the mission and services of the company and directly represent its values. To the degree all members of the culture learn the principles and competencies envisioned for an ideal culture, the culture will thrive and endure. The whole staff generally participates in the cultural survey and benefit from some combination of live and online training.

By focusing on the whole person, the Spitzer program offers growth opportunities not commonly found in other development programs. We continue to talk about the program and its impact on our Company – an important indicator it does make a difference. ~ Bob Gunia, Physicians Mutual. Senior Vice President, Public Affairs Group

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